About us

Part2Print Company is the largest operator of professional 3D printers in the Czech Republic. With over 10 years’ experience and 12 in-house operating precision and quality oriented professional 3D printers we are capable of delivering the most precise prototypes achievable by 3D printing technology.

Our history goes back to 2006 when we started only with Solidscape machines. However, since we always try to use the latest and most precise 3D printing technology, we have added to our fleet Envisiontec, 3D Systems and Prodways machines. At present we are mainly printing custom 3D models for a wide spectrum of clients from major jewelers and manufacturers of scale models to prototypes of dental, medical and automotive parts and general industry prototypes.

Other services we provide:

Lately we participate in the development and construction of 3D printers with several Czech manufacturers and universities.

We always try to maximum quality and speed of our service, to accomplish that we use the latest technology and techniques of 3D printing.

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