How it works

1. Model your idea

Use any of your favorite CAD software to model your idea. Or describe your ideas to us and we will deliver the Top-class CAD data for you. When exporting the model choose the STL file format.

A quick tip: If your model have a tiny features smaller than 0,5mm, it always looks better to oversize those a bit.

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2. Upload your design to P2P

First choose your desired 3D printing technology. Then upload your models, which you want print by your chosen technology. During uploading will be your models checked for errors and automatically fixed. The printing times and prices are generated on the fly. You always have complete control over the quality of printing, speed and material selection.

A quick tip: If it takes too long to upload your model, try to export it with lower detail settings or just be patient. .

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3. Printing

Depending on the chosen technology we will process the files ASAP. If needed support structures are hand-crafted for your convenience.

Our machines print NON-Stop 24/7 and we operate NON-Stop 24/7 with them.

4. Ship it anywhere in the world

To guarantee safe delivery We pack printed models in safe double boxes. For ensure quick and smooth delivery We cooperate with the best, fastest and the most price efficient shipping services in the world.