Precision rapid prototyping

Professional 3D printing technology with best quality available to everyone!
We are capable of delivering the most precise prototypes achievable by 3D printing technology.

3D Models Printing

You have the ideas. We make them real!

Every CAD file you deliver is thoroughly checked for errors and manually corrected to achieve the highest quality of prints. We also provide Top-class CAD drawing services for your convenience.

3D rapid prototyping available for everyone

3D printing available for everyone

The simple and intuitive system of online ordering will calculate the cost, printing time and check or fix your models on the fly. You have complete control over the quality of printing, speed and material selection. Ordering of the 3D printing is almost as easy as shopping at any other e-shop.

3D Models Printing

3D model processing fast and easy

The 3 years development of ensures your files will be processed fast and fixed automatically and guarantees your maximal satisfaction with our services.

3D Models Printing

Prototypes with best details and accuracy!

We print scale model master prototypes on our daily basis as well as the wax models for jewelers. We also produce dental, medical and automotive parts and general industry prototypes.

3D Models Printing


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